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Compliance – Safeguarding you from corporate liability

Corporate liability is a serious issue – Company directors face fines or even prison for the failure of workers or supervisors to prevent accidents.

The safety checks and disclaimers built into our daily and weekly forms give you cast iron security that everything that could be done has been done regarding equipment usage and Covid19 protection for others.

Eg neither themselves and no one in their household are showing symptoms of covid 19 ( tick box )

They are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol

They have the correct PPE to work safely

Etc etc

Once they have confirmed they are good to go, they can then clock in, the system records the date,time and location, and requires a signature and face stamp, the same is required when they stop work and the time spent is saved in a dashboard with easy accounting downloads.

What Is It?
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Covid 19

Paperwork and thumbprint recognition is no longer safe, when arriving at site each member of staff uses their own mobile phone to stay safe and confirm that neither they or anyone in their household is showing symptoms of Covid 19, this confirmation records the date, time and exact location where it was submitted from.

What Is It?

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Simple Timesheets

Attendance sheets and thumbprint recognition is no longer safe, so when a member of staff arrives at site for their own safety they use their own phone to clock in and out, other solutions are available for the minority who don’t own a phone.

What Is It?

Real time Attendance Register

The attendance register is real time allowing managers to see who has arrived and clocked in and the exact location of that employee, when they clock out it records and reports the activities for that shift. With the requirement of a signature and a face stamp from each employee it ensures 100% accurate time and safety sheets to the second.

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Paperless solutions

The iPhorms hub will record the DATE, TIME, and LOCATION the member of staff confirms the various safety disclaimers, they sign and take a face stamp and the information is saved into the bespoke dashboard, the same is required to stop work and the shift time is calculated and recorded with an easy export to all accounting packages, this time is recorded to the second so there can never be any misunderstanding or excuse of time and attendance.

What You Get


Timesheet management and paperless solutions.

Clock in

When clocking in the hub will record the date, time and importantly the location. It requires a signature and face stamp before it can be submitted.

Clock Out

Clocking out captures the same information and also allows the option to upload a description of work completed. With the option to add images to support the description.


The smart hub works on all makes and models of phones, tablets, PCs. Its not device specific so if a users phone has a flat battery they can use another device.

Covid 19

Paperwork and thumbprint recognition is no longer safe, when arriving at site each member of staff uses their own mobile phone to stay safe.

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Paperless solutions

iPhorms will convert any of your paper forms as identical as possible into an electronic solution allowing immediate delivery.

Commonly used forms in construction

Timesheet Management Clock In/Clock Out, Daily Safety Confirmation, RAMS, Handover Certificate, Additional Work request form, Site Inspection form, Driver Vehicle Daily Walk Round Check, Drilled Anchor Pull Test, Site Induction forms, Bespoke additions.

Full Support

Our digital, bespoke forms are easy to use with full support provided. We are here to help, so please get in touch if you have any questions.

Good to Go

When a member of staff arrives at site, they have to confirm they are Good to Go, we will create bespoke disclaimers that they have to confirm before they can get to work.

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