How will construction be impacted by the metaverse?

As we enter the metaverse, opportunities are rising for businesses, not just in the gaming industry. As we see the virtual world become more popular, we will see more businesses, brands, and people entering the virtual platform. The idea of the metaverse was to develop a 3D evolution of the internet which represents an online parallel universe. It provides fluidity and opportunities for businesses to promote products and services to virtual communities from IRL to URL. It also allows digital based companies to develop something new and engaging which can be translated into the physical world. It has huge capabilities to revolutionise the world. But with great power comes great consideration – it’s important to grasp how the metaverse can be adapted to all industries. In particular for iPhorms – scaffolding, construction and property.

The metaverse will enhance customer satisfaction and personalisation, but businesses are still trying to navigate this complex virtual world. By using the metaverse to inform customer personalisation, it could create a powerful bond between us and the consumer allowing us to further expand our offerings that we already provide. For example, a virtual avatar could greet workers as they clock-in to site, explaining the health and safety measures, and being on hand to answer any questions the workers may have. We have grown accustomed to merging the physical and virtual realities – a theme massively accelerated by the pandemic, where conferences, events and retail shopping moved online, as the real world seemed suddenly inaccessible. We might be leaving the pandemic in the past, but the metaverse is coming out on top and seems here to stay.

It’s interesting to consider how brands will work when every aspect of life is augmented – virtually and semi-virtually. It’s important to consider that not every product or service is a good fit for virtual consumption. The physical world isn’t going anywhere, so having a balance and creating a “phygital” experience is essential in the modern world.

Have you considered how your industry may have to adapt to the metaverse?

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay.