Scaffolding plays a vital role in the construction industry, providing a safe and stable platform for workers to perform their tasks at heights. Yet, working on a scaffold during extreme weather conditions can present several hazards that must be taken into consideration to ensure the safety of workers.

The risk of falls is a key hazard encountered during poor weather conditions. High winds, rain, and snow is expected to hit the UK and Ireland soon, which makes the scaffolding platform slippery and unstable, increasing the risk of falls. To mitigate the risk, scaffolding should be properly secured and inspected before use; workers should be provided with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment such as hard hats, harnesses and safety lines.

Electrical hazards are another risk to consider when working at height in adverse weather conditions. Scaffolding is often used in the vicinity of overhead power lines, high winds can cause scaffolding to come into contact with these lines, resulting in serious injury or death. To prevent this, scaffolding should be set up at a safe distance from overhead power lines and workers should be trained by using the “toolbox talk” on how to safely work near them. Lightning is also a risk to consider when working at heights, to alleviate the possibility of serious injuries, workers should be trained on how / where to take shelter during a storm. The scaffolding should be correctly grounded to ensure the maximum safety of workers.

Scaffolding can be damaged by high winds and heavy rain, which may result in it collapsing. Scaffolding should be properly maintained and thoroughly inspected regularly, and any damage should be repaired immediately. This would reduce the possibility of it collapsing and mitigate the risk of any injuries the workers may face.

Working within the industry during the current weather conditions can present many hazards that must be taken into consideration to ensure maximum safety. Regular training, inspections, PPE, and ongoing maintenance can help to mitigate these risks and ensure scaffolders remain safe and secure while doing their job.

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