IPhorms helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workforce.


COVID-19 is an issue that impacts every business and industry, however, IPhorms helps limit its spread within your workforce. Helping you continue as business as usual, and your staff stay healthy.


Paperwork and thumbprint recognition is no longer safe, when arriving at the site each member of staff uses their own mobile phone to stay safe and confirm that neither they nor anyone in their household is showing symptoms of Covid 19, this confirmation records the date, time and exact location where it was submitted from.


For example:

☑ E.g., neither themselves and nobody in their household is showing symptoms of covid 19 (tick box).

☑ They have the correct PPE to work safely

Once they have confirmed they are good to go, they can then clock in, the system records the date, time and location, and requires a signature and face stamp, the same is required when they stop work and the time spent is saved in a dashboard with easy accounting downloads.