iPhorms digitises all of your timesheets, online.


Effective timesheet management is an integral part of business operation, iPhorms helps you digitise all of your timesheets online and displays all of the information on a simple to navigate dashboard.


Attendance sheets and thumbprint recognition is no longer safe, so when a member of staff arrives at a site or place of work, for their own safety they use their own phone to clock in and out, other solutions are available for the minority who don’t own a phone.


The attendance register is real-time allowing managers to see who has arrived and clocked in and the exact location of that employee, when they clock out it records and reports the activities for that shift. With the requirement of a signature and a face stamp from each employee, it ensures 100% accurate time and safety sheets to the second.


Key Features:

☑ Real-time attendance register

☑ Location services

☑ Facial face stamp / verification

☑ Clock in & Clock out

Once an employee clocks in, the system records the date, time and location, and requires a signature and face stamp, the same is required when they stop work and the time spent is saved in a dashboard with easy accounting downloads.